Is Investing In Dubai Creek Harbour In 2023 A Good Idea?

During Emaar’s most recent launch at Dubai Creek Harbour, the nation’s proudest developer disclosed a few data and statistics about the area which shocked most investors in the room. If you’ve considered investing in Dubai Creek Harbour, make sure you read this article till the end.

Dubai Creek Harbour, a mega canvas of 550 Hectares, is one of the fasting-growing communities in Dubai. Whether you’re looking for a residential, commercial or retail property, Dubai Creek Harbour is an all-inclusive hub that’s steadily growing to becoming its own stand-alone destination.

In the past year alone, Dubai Creek Harbour has recorded 4,000 sales & resales transaction, totaling a whooping AED 8.72 Billion, which in addition to being listed as one of Emaar’s top three master communities, prove that DCH has a promising rise in demand and potential over the upcoming years. But considering the current announcements and updates on the area, is Dubai Creek Harbour really worth your investment?

Dubai Creek Harbour : Location & Road Access

Centrally located between Dubai’s most influential districts (Deira & Bur Dubai) while connecting the wildlife sanctuary of Ras Al Khor on one end and extending into the Dubai Water Canal on the other, Dubai Creek Harbour stands as the perfect spot of ultra-urbanistic lifestyle. A mere 9km drive to Burj Khalifa and a 4km drive to Dubai International Airport, Dubai Creek Harbour is the ultimate touristic rendezvous.

Dubai Creek Harbour is an area located within The Lagoons (Dubai) and is an ongoing project  by UAE’s most prestigious developers; Emaar & Dubai Holdings.

Featuring a fully integrated transport system, the area has an efficient road connectivity, easily-accessible bus networks, 4 metro stations, 3 bridges, a convenient interchange and even an amicable water taxi service to Downtown Dubai.

Dubai Creek Harbour : Community Features & Amenities

Dubai Creek Harbour is a thriving community with countless luxuries and recreational spaces for residents.  A unique feature about Dubai Creek Harbour is that it’s a walkable community lined with walkways and cycling tracks surrounding a 30 Hectare Central Park, making it one of the only automobile-free areas in Dubai. For those looking for an escape of the hustle and bustle of the city, a getaway can’t get any better than at Dubai Creek Harbour.
From parks, schools, retail centers, mosques and clinics to the area’s most popular touristic attractions such as Creek Marina, Creek Promenade, Iconic Bridge etc, everything would be a walk away for residents at DCH. Additionally, DCH will accomodate a visitor’s center promoting wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability. Offering a serene, green lifestyle, DCH is about to become one of the most popular getaway destinations of Dubai.

Dubai Creek Harbour : The Evolving City

Dubai Creek Harbour is designed as a place where people can live, work and play in harmony with nature. It offers a waterfront, sedentary living, with enviable features and amenities to its residents and visitors alike. Dubai Creek Harbour can easily be accessible through Creek Bridge connecting Festival City and Bay Bridge connecting Ras Al Khor Road. Another bridge is expected to be released on the third quarter of 2023, which will be connecting DCH to Festival City. Designed by Milwaukee’s celebrated architect Santiago Calatrava, the bridge will be composed of a decorative web of steel depicting traditional Islamic geometric patterns, placed strategically to becoming the Instagram-ready view point of the tallest building in the world.

Speaking of which, Dubai Creek Tower is DCH’s most anticipated project. With an architecture inspired by the naturistic beauty of lily and the ancient elegance of a mosque’s minar, the tower will be built to stand an estimated height of 1350m, beating Burj Khlaifa’s record as the tallest tower in the world by over 500 meters.

Dubai Creek Tower will be a commercial, retail and touristic hub attracting thousands of visitors on a daily basis. The uppermost floors are designed to serve as observation decks, the topmost pinnacle room offering 360° views of the area. The tower is bound to becoming UAE’s proudest and most significant landmark. In investors’ terms, this means exponential net migration patterns, capital appreciation and returns.

Whether you’re buying a home at Dubai Creek Harbour for residential or investment purposes, your home having views of the tallest tower in the whole world is definitely the biggest flex in the world. As we notice in current market trends, properties with views and closer proximity to Burj Khalifa have higher unit area value as opposed to other properties, and thus it’s only logical to conclude that properties you buy at Dubai Creek Harbour now will show an exponential hike in trends once Creek Tower is completed.

Dubai Creek Harbour : The Reality

However, the current reality is that Dubai Creek Harbour is a community under construction, with great plans and announcements made for the future. The Creek Tower was a project expected to be completed by 2020. For reasons undisclosed, he construction was halted in may 2018 once the foundation was completed, and since no completion date has been announced yet. However, Emaar along with Santiago Calatrava, world’s most reknown Italian architect, have announced the released of Central bridge by Q3 of 2023 and construction is on steady process.

Most investors take precautionary steps when it comes to developing communities, and only leap in when they see undisputable assurance. But for those who are seasoned in Dubai’s real estate market, they know that one thing is for certain; when Dubai plans, it delivers, more often with results exceeding expectations.

Dubai Creek Harbor offers attractive rates per sq.m. as of now, making it an affordable investment to most investors. With new projects being released in an impressive frequency, more and more opportunities are in favor to those ready to invest. However, since most investors are becoming aware of the futuristic scope of the area, the prices are slowly on the rise. And if you’re someone who wants to invest in DCH, now would be the perfect time. Taking all facts into consideration, Dubai Creek Harbour, even without the added greatness of Creek tower, is undeniably on its way to becoming one of the most popular destinations across Dubai. 

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